Getting started with QuestGPT

This guide will help you get started with QuestGPT. It will walk you through the process of creating your first chatbot for your website.

After you've signed up, you should be directed to the welcome screen.

1. Enter your base website URL

On the intro page, add your base website URL. This URL will be crawled and QuestGPT will give you a list of pages to create chatbots for. Click on Fetch Pages to continue. Wait for a couple of minutes before you're redirected to the next step.

In our example we will use

Getting started - Welcome screen

2. Select individual webpages

If the crawler found multiple pages, you can select the ones you want to create chatbots for. Hit Train my chatbot to continue.

In our example we have selected all pages that were found.

Getting started - Select webpages

3. Embed your chatbot

You will be redirected to the chatbot page where you can copy the code to embed your chatbot. Click the copy button to copy to your clipboard or manually select and copy the code.

Paste the code just before the closing </body> tag on your website. You should now see the chatbot on your website.

Getting started - Embed chatbot

For any further assistance reach out to us at