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QuestGPT saves your team time by making it easy to find the right information when you need it. Parse through video, PDFs and more to find the exact moment you need.

Effortless chatbot training

Effortless chatbot training

Elevate customer support on your website with a chatbot trained to your data.

  • Link your websites
  • Upload PDF documents
  • Import notion docs (coming soon)
Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

QuestGPT gives you multiple ways to build and use your chatbot.

  • Plug and play widget
  • Internal dashboard
  • React component (coming soon)
  • HTTP API Support (coming soon)
Analytics and usage insights (Coming soon)

Analytics and usage insights (Coming soon)

Track usage and search trends to understand what your users are looking for. Use this data to improve your content.

  • Re-train your model based on user feedback.
  • Track user queries and optimize your content to serve your users better.
  • Link to support for your users to get in touch with you.

Click-to-create chatbots

Creating chatbots trained on your content is now just a click away.

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Our system will automatically retrieve all your website's pages and present them to you.

Initiate Training

Handpick the specific pages you wish your chatbot to be trained on, and initiate the chatbot creation process.

Your Personalized Chatbot

Congratulations! You now have a chatbot capable of answering inquiries related to your website's content, ready to be plugged in anywhere.

3 ways to use QuestGPT

Website widget plugin

Embed this chatbot into your website to provide instant assistance to your customers.


Npm library and React components ready to plug and play.


Build great apps on top of our API.

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